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Liquor Distribution Branch workers deserve pandemic pay

Essential work means essential pay

Across our communities, Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) workers are putting their health and safety on the line for us.

We’ve called them essential workers. We've held them up as symbols of strength in a time of crisis.

But we haven't given them the pay that they deserve.

The truth is, LDB workers have been undervalued for years and to now exclude them from receiving tangible recognition – pandemic pay – when their jobs are most challenging and their well-being is most at risk, just isn’t right.

It is time LDB workers got paid for the critical jobs that they do. Will you sign this petition calling on the government to expand the temporary pandemic pay program to include LDB workers? 


ATTN: BC Government

Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) workers have been keeping British Columbia together.

Wherever I look, I hear that BC Liquor Store, BC Cannabis Store, and Distribution Centre workers are essential and that without them the economy and our communities would be struggling.

Both the government and employer have said how essential LDB workers are – they provide goods that British Columbians rely on for their daily lives, and they help keep us all safe while doing so. But they also generate funding that will help B.C. recover from this pandemic. 1,2

I believe it is time that the LDB and the government step up to the plate to make sure that the workers they deemed essential are recognized financially for their critical roles.

For years, LDB workers have quietly worked these valued jobs without recognition. Now, because of COVID-19, we see just how taxing their work is – staff are experiencing heavier workload stress, fearing for their physical safety, and facing an invisible threat to their health.

Leaving some essential workers out of the temporary pandemic pay program is wrong. Workers who generate much needed public revenue for our province should have wages that reflect the value they bring to our communities and economy. I hope you will change this as soon as possible.

I call on the provincial government to include LDB workers in the temporary pandemic pay program right now.